Goals Galore explained

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the Betfred goals galore coupon to be explained. Most people have heard the catchphrase on the TV advert “when both teams score, it’s goals galore!” but what does this coupon actually entail, why is it so popular, and how can you get involved? All the answers can be found below.

Betfred Goals Galore explained

The Betfred Goals Galore coupon as the TV slogan suggests, is all about both teams in a match scoring a goal. The outcome of the match is irrelevant, in terms of who wins and by how many. All this bet is concerned with is both teams finding the back of the net at least once. The Goals Galore coupon requires you to select between three and fifteen matches from the list of games provided, that you feel both teams will bag a goal.


Betfred typically offer two lists for you to choose from, a long list and a bonus list. The bonus list has fewer selections to choose from but offers bigger rewards with more enhanced odds to benefit from. With their being less games to pick from though, the matches on offer are a lot tougher to predict. The image below shows the odds you receive from both the long list and the bonus list. It also shows how the odds grow as the number of selections picked increases.

Goals Galore odds

As you can see there is a significant difference between the maximum wins on the two Betfred Goals galore lists so it is wise to check out both coupons first before deciding on which one to go for. Ten selections in the bonus list works out as the same odds as 12 selections in the long list, so if there were 10 you liked the look of in the bonus list this would obviously be the one you would be choosing.

The odds hold good value in comparison with what the competitors’ Both teams to score markets offer and the maximum 5000/1 certainly is a tempter, with very little outlay needed to bring in a very chunky amount back.

How to play goals galore

Why is it so popular?

The both teams to score market has really taken off over the last year. People are seeing a lot of value in betting on this market as a large percentage of the time there is still a chance your bet could come in right up until the final whistle is blown. To make this point clearer I will use the following example. You could select a match on the ‘to win’ market and your selection could be losing 5-0 at half time.

That bet has pretty much bit the dust and the stake lost, never to be seen by yourself again. If you had placed a bet on the both teams to score market in this hypothetical game, all you would need is the losing team to score one goal for your bet to come in. The game could be 9-0 after 89 minutes and the losing team awarded a penalty, scoring it to make the game 9-1 and your selection comes in creating a win or keeping your coupon alive and kicking.

4 steps to placing your goals galore bets

How do I get involved?

To start playing the betfred Goals Galore coupon you will first need to sign up for a betfred account. The process is quick, safe and easy and you will also be rewarded with some great customer offers.

Once you have registered you can then find the Betfred Goals galore coupon by going to the sport tab at the top of the page, selecting football from the left hand side menu which will then drop down hidden selections showing you the Goals Galore coupon (the long list) and the Goals Galore bonus coupon (the bonus list).

If there are limited games on in a particular week, for example an international break the long list may not be offered and will therefore not show in the menu, with only the bonus list to choose from. This is rare but sometimes does happen, so do not worry too much if you are only presented with one list from time to time.

There are also plenty of statistics available to help you with your selections with historical data of how frequently teams score, how often teams concede etc. we are constantly scanning these statistics to help us with our picks and we always like to share what we find with our social friends on twitter via @BTTS_Winners

If you fancy benefiting from our knowledge then feel free to give us a follow also. We are one of the many who have taken to the Both teams to score market and we see a lot of value in the Betfred Goals Galore coupon so if you too are liking the sound of it get signed up today and give it a go!

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